Blender Addon: Weight paint vertices visible from the active camera, part II: distance weights and more

A couple of weeks ago I presented a small addon that created a vertex group with weights that depend on the visibility of the vertex from the camera. This can be quite useful if you want to restrict particles to areas where they are actually visible, which will reduce render time and memory consumption.

The addon did take into other objects in the scene that could block the view but there was room for improvement. The first new feature in this version is that the weight of the visible vertices diminishes with the distance from the camera. For a field of grass particles you often can do with less particles at a greater distance without destroying the apparent density so this helps in cutting down the number of particles even further.

The second addition is the option to add a margin around the camera frame. Some extra particles just outside the camera view might be needed to prevent a sparse edge and to allow shadows from outside the view.

The final extra is the addition of a vertex weight edit modifier. Probably one of the lesser known modifiers, this nifty tool allows us to tweak vertex weights after the are calculated. The addon itself for example decreases the weight linearly with distance but if you want it to fall off in a different way this can be done quite easily by tweaking the curve in the modifier.

All these new options are on by default and the addon even makes sure the vertex weight modifier is visible in the properties panel just to draw some attention to it.


The image below shows the generated weights falling of with the distance to the camera and with some extra margin selected:

Availability and usage

All functionality of this add-on plus a lot more is now available as a convenient all-in-one add-on on BlenderMarket. It comes with an extensive PDF manual and your purchase will encourage me to develop new Blender add-ons.

Version 0.0.2 of the simple add-on shown in this article is available from GitHub (right click the link to download the script somewhere then install it from Blender with File -> User Preferences -> Addons -> Install from file. Don't forget to enable the check box).

Once installed it's available in weight paint mode from the Weights menu.

The addon might also be discussed in this BlenderArtists thread.

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