Spacetree demo

Just an image I made for the Architecture Academy. Both the hedge and the chestnut tree are made with the addon, the climbing rose is made with IvyGen (showing that IvyGen and SpaceTree are friends, not competitors :-)

Credits: apart from many assets from the Architecture Academy, Blendswap proved useful too:

- rose by dansafee (the blooms but the rose bush itself was made wih IvyGen and the rose leaves are based on a scan of a roseleaf I made myself)
- wine glasses by danilius (modified to hold some wine)
- small candle by elkid (inside the blue jar)

Floor board generator, bug fix

As mentioned by Greg Zaal in the comments to this post the randomness of the floor boards increased the further you got from the origin. This was due to a faulty calculation og the center of a board.

The current version (0.0.13) fixes this and is commited to GitHub.

You can download it here (right click the link and save it to the addons directory of your Blender installation).