NewGrowth Interactive Trees, detailed feature overview

In a previous post I introduced NewGrowth, a new add-on to draw trees interactively.

In this video a more detailed overview is presented of the features that are available in NewGrowth.
NewGrowth is available in my BlenderMarket store.

NewGrowth Interactive Trees

Finally, after more than five months of work I am pleased to present NewGrowth, my new interactive tree drawing add-on for Blender.

This add-on allows you to draw natural trees by painting imaginary light points with a brush towards which branches will grow. This may sound a bit magical so an introduction video might explain more than words:
NewGrowth is available from my BlenderMarket shop.

Ortho ported to Blender 2.80

The fourth add-on in my portfolio to be ported to Blender 2.80 is Ortho.

This add-on relies quite heavily on OpenGL graphics and was therefore a bit more challenging. Be prepared for all sorts of issues including crashes as long as Blender 2.80 is in beta (although to be honest, the beta has proven to be pretty stable already)