Sample artwork with ProWood shaders

I started playing around with Karl Andreas Gross' ProWood Shader pack and after some twiddling around I must say I like it:

In this example scene (a scene from Chocofur) I used the beech preset material for the chair (the chair is also from Chocofur. Note that I dropped the bundled textured material and replaced it by the ProWood procedural material). I picked the colors to match and upped the brightness and the reflectivity a bit to get the varnished look of the steam-pressed plywood of the chair. The books were generated by the book wizard cover generator.

For the floor (generated with my floorboard add-on) I used the material preset that is included in the shader pack specifically for the add-on, in this case oak. I just changed the colors. I had to changed the profile in bevel settings of the floor to 0.69 to prevent strange shadows. That has nothing to do with the shaders but everything with the geometry of the planks my add-on is generating, so it might be a good idea to make this the default in future versions.

floorboard add-on: a commercial shader with specific support

My free floorboards add-on has proven to be quite popular and now even a professional shader writer, Karl Andreas GroƟ, has created a wood shader collection that includes specific settings for use with the add-on. His shaders are available on BlenderMarket and I hope to try them out myself soon.

The floorboard add-on itself can be downloaded from GitHub.

WeightLifter add-on: new features

A new version of the WeightLifter add-on (available on BlenderMarket) adds some functionality based on user feedback. Besides some bug fixes you can now:
  • use an arbitrary reference axis in Height en Slope modes,
  • restrict the range of calculated values interactively, and
  • control the size of the patches when assigning random values to faces.

A tutorial showing this new functionality is available on YouTube: