Blender Market Fall Sale


To celebrate the Blender Conference there is a sale on at BlenderMarket ! The sale runs from Thursday 27 October - Sunday 30 October. 

This means serious discounts on participating products and of course my add-ons are on sale too, including Snap!

Check out BlenderMarket to see if that special product on your wish list now has an 'on sale' label.

I am pleased to announce that NodeSet Pro has been tested on Blender 3.3 LTS and is available from my BlenderMarket store.

NodeSet Pro is an add-on that greatly simplifies the process of importing sets of textures to create a node based material.

It allows you import a set of related texture maps by simply pointing to one of them, takes care of setting the color data attribute correctly, adds bump nodes and normal map nodes where needed and wires up everything to the principled shader or a shader node group you have defined, all with a few simple clicks.

Instead of importing textures like basecolor, normalmap, roughness, etc. one by one, with NodeSet Pro you will only need to select a single texture and textures with the same base name will be loaded as well. NodeSet Pro will also apply non-color data options to texture maps that need this, create normal map and bump nodes and wire everything up to a shader.

Besides individual texture sets NodeSet Pro also offers panels that let you manage collections of textures sets in a straight forward manner.

NodeSet Pro works out of the box with substance painter textures but every aspect of it can be configured in the preferences to seamlessly adapt to your workflow and these preferences can be saved as presets.