NodeSet Pro available on BlenderMarket

I am pleased to announce that NodeSet Pro is available from my BlenderMarket store.

NodeSet Pro is based on my original free NodeSet add-on published in 2017 but was completely rewritten to ease maintenance. The configuration options and functionality where also greatly enhanced, notably with possibilities to work with custom, packed maps, connect to arbitrary nodegroups instead of just the principled shader, add UVMap nodes and Flip Normal nodes and more. Basically you should be able to configure it to your specific workflow needs, regardless what texturing software you are using.

NodeSet Pro will reduce material creation to a few simple clicks while still allowing you to fully tweak the resulting material. Out of the box it will work with texture sets created with Substance Painter's Metallic/Roughness work flow and its Specular/Gloss workflow but almost every node generation feature can be tweaked to fit your specific workflow and texturing software.

Instead of importing textures like basecolor, normalmap, roughness, etc. one by one, with NodeSet Pro you will only need to select a single texture and textures with the same base name will be loaded as well. NodeSet Pro will also apply non-color data options to texture maps that need this, create normal map and bump nodes and wire everything up to a shader.

This shader can be Blender's principled shader

or any other shader node group.

You can even connect any height map automatically to the micro displacement socket.

You can use custom maps that for example pack different maps like height, roughness and metallic into the channels of a single color map

I you want to know more, watch the video or check out my BlenderMarket store.