Generate a list of Blender object information

This isn't the next killer add-on you must have, but it could prove useful if you find yourself like me in the following situation: You are working on a high poly model consisting of dozens of different meshes and at some point you need to start thinking about your polygon budget.

So you want to focus on the meshes with the largest number of tris first, but determining how many tris there are requires selecting each individual object and switching to edit mode to see the data.

Also, at some point you may want to have a checklist of all objects to verify if you unwrapped them, retopologized them or whatever, before you start moving them to an external paint program for example, so a list of objects can be convenient to keep things organized.

I am a coder with a bit of a list obsession, so I created a small add-on that creates a comma separated list of objects with the most common properties for those objects. The list is created as a text block in the built-in editor. Such a list is then easily copied to a spreadsheet if you like, an example is shown below:

Note that the numbers listed are for the render time object with all modifiers applied (which is especially important for subdivision modifiers). Those numbers are only calculated for meshes: I would love to do this for beveled curves as well but I didn't figure out how to do that yet.


The add-on is available from my GitHub repository. Simply use this direct link to download the file and then install it with Edit > Preferences > Addons ... in the usual manner.

Once enabled it will be available in the Object menu of the 3D viewport. For large scenese with large meshes it can potentially take quite some time depending on the power of your computer.

The list of info is stored in a Text block called Object list.csv.