Floor boards add-on: minor feature added

Prompted by a question from Trevor I added a Restricted random mode to the uv randomization. It still randomizes the position of planks on the uv-map but keeps them inside the original bounds. It does this simply by not moving a uv map of a plank at all when the move would result in any portion of the plank ending up outside the bounds. The result is a compacter randomized uv-map which should make it somewhat easier to use with non-tiling textures, i.e. reduce the area of the textures that is not used.

The new version is of course available on GitHub.

The difference is illustrated in the image below where I have contrasted the random uv-map in orange with the restricted uv-map in green

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  1. I'd have to put a vote in for this one, too. I haven't looked at it yet, but I presume the UV proportions are scaled to the geometry. As a quick fix, why not constrain the proportions of the geometry to match the image texture?