Generate floor boards quick and easy, part II

In a previous article I presented a simple script to generate floor boards with real geometry. Since then I enhanced this with an option to generate uv coordinates as well, with a random offset for each individual plank. This option not only relieves the user of the need to create a uv map but the random offset will break the unwanted illusion that all planks are perfectly sawn from a single endless pices of wood.

The image in the example on the left (click to enlarge) was generated with the wood shader presented earlier but similar effects can be obtained by applying a tiled image (which of course should not depict planks already), for example PlywoodNew0050 from CGTextures would work nicely I think.

The updated script (version 0.0.3) is available from GitHub and is tracked in the Blender Bug Tracker as well. Version 0.0.3 also has its hard limits on plank length etc. removed. The are replaced by soft limits so if you want you can make planks shorter than 50cm or narrower than 10cm by explicitly typing in a value.

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