Generate floor boards quick and easy, part VI

This version (0.0.8) of the floor board generator adds options to add twists and hollow curvature to the individual planks. This is useful when creating floors in older houses and its more subtle simply rotation planks. All the options are now visually grouped as well to aid the user in locating related options.

An example (with a flat material to emphasize the subtle curvature) is shown below (click to enlarge):

The option values used to create the image are shown in the next image. Note that for illustrative purposes we made the gaps between the planks quite large:


The biggest change in this version was already visible in the image above: parameters no longer appear in the toolbar but in the FloorBoards section of the modifier options. This is not only a visual change but it actually means that even after savinf the .blend file all relevant parameters are retained along with the abject and can be tweaked at any time. (Thanks floric for the code adaptation and DragonLEE for the original idea)

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