Gears 2.0 (work in progress), a Blender addon, part IV

As you can see version 0.0.4 adds an option for an internal gear. It is a very slight enhancement, just 4 or 5 lines but it makes it possible to create the setup shown in the clip in a few seconds.

Planetary gear workflow

  • Add the first gear from the add mesh menu
  • Add the second gear from the gears panel in the modifier tab by clicking the 'Gear' button,
  • Select the first gear again and add another planet gear; use the rotation option to position it relative to the central gear,
  • Repeat the previous step for any additional planet gear,
  • Select one of the planet gear and add the outer gear. Select the 'Internal' option from the type drop down,
  • Adjust the number of teeth for any of the gears to taste,
  • Set some rotation keyframes for the gearhead empty to make the whole setup rotate a bit,
  • Done ;-)

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