ColorRampPicker, a new Blender add-on

Got this idea from Substance Designer which offers an option to sample a whole palette of colors from a reference image for their gradient node. Now you can do the same for Blender's color ramp node. With a color ramp node selected, just go to the Node menu and select Color Ramp Picker. An eye dropper will appear and you can sample from anywhere within your Blender window by clicking and dragging. Unfortunately it is not possible to sample outside the Blender window so you should have your reference image loaded in BlendeĊ› uv-image editor.

I have also made a small video that illustrates the proces:


You can download the add-on from GitHub. (click right on the Raw button and save the python file anywhere you like and then in Blender select File->User preference, Add-ons, Install from file... Don't forget to enable the add-on as well after installing it.)

check this update article for the latest version.

If you would like to write add-ons yourself, you might want to take a look a my books on BlenderMarket.


After publication I learned about a similar and much more versatile tool to generate (and sample) gradients. Check this BlenderArtists thread to learn more.


  1. Good job! Nice add-on!

    Git"H"ub by the way :)

  2. Really useful addon!

    Is there any plans for 2.8 implementation?

  3. Any chance to get this addon updated for 2.8? It seems the Github link doesn't work.

  4. Hi. this add-on correctly work on 2.8? I pick gradient from image, but all color is black

  5. probably not :-( The way different parts of the interface are drawn has changed and the point in the process where the colorpicker code gets executed is looking at the overlay buffer, not at the area itself. This is a known issue with the developers but will not be fixed soon. I am not sure we can use the built-in color picker popups because those only offer options to get a single sample :-(