Version 20170918 of IDMapper available on Blender Market

I have released an update version of the IDMapper add-on to Blender Market.

In the video I demo the new functionality and I have listed the release notes at the end of this article.

If you would like more information on all the functionality, have a look at this article. A complete workflow demonstration is available in this demo video.

Release notes

Version 20170918

  • Add ID Color List management
  • it is now possible to load, manage and save named lists of colors and to pick colors from this list when working in Face Paint mode. This is convenient if your studio uses smart materials for example and you have a list of predefined ID map colors you want to use for many different assets. Unlike Blender's built-in palettes, these colors have names, can be searched and sorted and loaded/saved as .csv files.
  • Add color picking outside select object in Face Paint mode
  • Number of undo levels in Face Paint mode is now configurable

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