IDMapper: December 2017 release available on Blender Market

I have released an updated version of the IDMapper add-on to Blender Market.

New features

It features some cosmetic changes but more importantly it hosts a ton of new features developed based on user feedback, including:
you can now directly bake a vertex color layer to an image without the cumbersome route of setting up materials, emission shaders and dummy images necessary in the regular way. Just 1-click and a couple of seconds later you'ĺl have you color id-map as an image in the UV-image editor
Vertex groups to vertex colors
there is now an option to assign unique vertex colors based on vertex group membership of vertices. This 1-click option lets you quickly convert vertex groups to vertex colors
Create materials based on vertex colors
this option creates a material for each unique vertex color and assigns the vertices with this color to the material.
Better color list management
If you use a predefined list of colors to use in id-maps across different models the color list lets you manage these colors. It is now possible to add items to this list for any vertex color nor yet present, simplifying the maintenance of those lists
And of course there are lots of smaller improvements too.

The new features are highlighted in this video:

This video is part of a small playlist with additional tutorials:


IDMapper is available in my Blender Market shop:

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