Snap and transform add-on: Enhancements

In a previous article I presented a small tool to move the origin of a mesh to the position of the lowest vertex (among other things).

A 2.80 version of this add-on is now also available. for details see this article

I am happy to introduce some small enhancements:
  • A extra menu entry to move the origin to the lowest z-coordinate while keeping the x an y coords to the center.
    This is especially useful for meshes with a flat bottom: now the origin is not moved to a random vertex in that bottom plane but to a point that is below the center of the mesh. In my use cases this is the more common requirement.
  • Both variants of moving the origin to the lowest position in the mesh are now also available in object mode.
    Moving the origin the center of selected geometry is not, because in object mode you cannot see which parts of a mesh are selected so you are flying blind here, therefore I did not make this available in object mode


As always, the add-on is available from my GitHub repository. Check the previous article for download instructions.

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