Space Tree Pro ported to Blender 2.80

Space Tree Pro, the first add-on I published on BlenderMarket way back in 2015 has been quite succesful. The add-on allows you to create parametric trees that you can keep on tweaking even after finalizing them and allows for interaction with the environment, for example grow less branches in shadowy areas and not grow into walls at all, amongst tons of other features.

Blender 2.80

As soon as Blender 2.80 was on the horizon people started asking whether a version of Space Tree Pro would be available for the new Blender. Because I have several add-ons on the market and Space Tree Pro is one of the more complex ones, it ended up last.

However, as of today Space Tree Pro 2.80 is available on my BlenderMarket shop!
Existing customers can download the new version free of charge from their BlenderMarket account.

The add-on is fully functional, including support for grease pencil drawn branches and trees created with older versions of Space Tree Pro can be used with the new version. The manual however is still a work in progress and still shows screenshots from the older version. The functionality is the same though so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.


While porting I found a bug: a shadow collection (group) only seems to work correctly when you have also configured an exclusion collection (group). I think I can fix this but I am reluctant to do so as it might break backward compatibility so I am hoping for some feedback on this from users.

People looking for a more interactive way of drawing trees might want to have a look at NewGrowth: draw trees interactively.

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