IDMapper ported to Blender 3.3 beta

IDMapper has been ported to Blender 3.3 beta

That may sound a bit premature, but I am confident no changes will be needed for the official release of Blender 3.3. However, if necessary we update the add-on again of course.

Note that this version will not run on older versions of Blender.


IDMapper simplifies creation and editing of vertex color layers that can be used as ID-maps in texturing software like Substance Painter or Quixel. It aims to reduce the time it takes to create an ID-map significantly, especially for complex hard surface models. It uses powerful heuristics to create an ID-map from scratch and lets you interactively adjust the results. It offers options to use existing information, like uv-seams, but can also intelligently assign the same color to similar mesh parts. 

The new version is available on BlenderMarket.

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