Small additions to the floor board generator add-on for Blender

The floor boards add-on most recently described in this article got a minor update: by request I added options to rotate and scale the generated uv-map. Although this might done in the uv image editor as well, any actions there would be overwritten when changing the floor boards mesh again with the add-on. Of course a uv map can be tweaked in the material just as well with a vector mapping node for example, so which method you prefer is a matter of taste. The defaults are such that it shouldn't break existing objects/materials.

Another option that is now visible is 'Keep materials'. This was on by default but not exposed in the options. You can now uncheck it if you like in which case any associated materials will be removed from the object. This is of questionable utility, but I'd rather not keep an option hidden.

The UV randomization drop down now offers a Packed option: instead of randomizing uvs it lets all the uv coordinates of planks start at (0,0) without altering the scale. This might come in handy when texturing planks with small and non tileable images. (It will look repetitive but that way it won't show seams)

I also fixed a rather embarrassing normal problem. Thank you maraCZ for pointing it out so clearly.

Known bugs

Under certain circumstances the generated mesh will contain doubled vertices. I think this is caused by Blenders boolean modifier. (To simplify the code we generate a pattern that is guaranteed to be big enough and then cut it to size with a boolean modifier). For now, if you see strange lighting artifacts, go to edit mode, select all and choose remove doubles. I will look into this later.


The code is a single file, available on GitHub.

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