Extending the Voronoi node in Cycles: a progress report

In a previous post I reported on a small project to extend the functionality of the voronoi noise node in Cycles. After some discussion with developers and users, I spent some time on it and the basic code is done.

Basically the Cycles Voronoi texture node will have all the functionality of its Blender Internal counterpart: you can choose different metrics (= ways to define what a distance is) including the manhattan and chebychev metrics and you can choose whether you want to closest neighbor, the 2nd closest (and 3rd, 4th) or the difference between the 2dn and the 1st closest (a.k.a. Voronoi Crackle). A sample is shown below:

The node has the same outputs as before and just has two extra buttons and an extra input socket (E, which controls the exponent of the Minkovski metric):

The node defaults to the old options and produces output that is pixel for pixel identical to the old output (with a distance metric of Distance squared). The downside of all this extra functionality is that it is slightly slower (because it now has to choose between different metrics and has to keep around more data). So currently I am checking if or where it makes sense to optimize the code some more. I don't want to complicate the code too much because that would make both maintaining and reviewing the code harder, so at this point it might be more sensible to let it be and accept a few percent penalty for now.


  1. i'm running your osl script, but I can't find amywhere the newest node with the differents metrics in the dropdown menu. Is this still available ?

  2. the Voronoi node described in this article was never merged into Blender so it is not available I am afraid. The OSL based node can of course still be used.

  3. http://blog.michelanders.nl/2015/05/voronoi-playtime-redux_36.html

    I see I still have to fix some links :-)