Nodeset: additional features and clean-up

NodeSet is now also available in a Pro version. Read all about it in this article or check out my BlenderMarket shop if you are interested.

In a reply on a previous post monari suggested some additional functionality and in the true spirit of open source even supplied a new implementation.

So in this version I incorporated most of his new code: if you now import a texture set with an associated shader you get a height map correctly wired to a normal node with the help of a bump node.

In addition I added the option to create a nodeset that is suitable for use with microdisplacement, i.e. that wires the height map with a multiply to the displacement socket of the material output (the option is available on the left side of the fileselector).

The two variants of the node setup are shown below:

As usual the add-on is available from my GitHub repository.

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  1. Added few quick render test with different Height Map implementation at your BlenderArtists thread. :)