Nodeset: bugfix and small new feature

The nodeset add-on I talked about in a previous article had a small bug: if your texture set was something different than a collection of .png files the extra files that should be loaded automatically were in fact not loaded. This is fixed in the latest version (201707011445)

Code availability

The change is already committed in the GitHub repository. (right click the link to download).

New feature

Because of a bug in Blender a material with a normal map node will show up as all black if you use the experimental adaptive subdivision / micro polygon displacement. If you change the normal maps space from tangent to object this does not happen so I added a user preferences setting to do this automatically.


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  2. Great addon! I use textures from several places. So I tried adding multiple suffixes.
    For example, Color Suffix: _BaseColor, _COL, _COL_VAR1, _COL_VAR2, _Albedo
    I figured it would work since the Extension were separated by commas, but sadly no luck. Would love this as a feature.