floorboard add-on: Blender 2.80 compatible version available

A new version of the floorboards add-on that is compatible woth Blender 2.80 is available on GitHub. (this is a single python file: select File->Save As... from your browser and save it somewhere as planks.py. Then in Blender, select File->User preferences->Add-ons->install from file... (don't forget to remove an earlier version if you have one).

It is a pretty minimal port, i.e. I only made the necessary changes to make it run on 2.80 but to be honest, the add-on shows its age. The coding isn't very elegant and there are still a number of known issues. Nevertheless, it's a start, so enjoy!

PS. there are quite a few articles on this blog that talk about this add-on, check here for a list.

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