NewGrowth interactive tree modeling for Blender: new version

NewGrowth, the Blender add-on that lets you interactively paint 3d trees, got a number of nice new features:

Many drawing options can now be changed while drawing

No need to choose them before you start creating a tree.
This includes the branch segment length and the kill distance. This means you can now create bushier and more sparse sections in the same tree.

Tree finalization now sports a Curve option

This will generate a curve based trunk instead of a mesh based one. This results in a superior quality trunk and is faster as well, so this is now the default. The old methods are still there and because this is all parameterized this means you can convert trees created in older versions of NewGrowth to the new curve model and back if you want.

Twig generation

You now have the option to add twigs consisting of three leaves instead of just a single leaf, which will quickly enhance the density of your tree.

Minor tweaks and bug fixes

Too many to list them all here but you now have the option to add some root and branch flare and if yo draw in rendered view instead of solid view the interactive tree is no longer all black.

The fully illustrated manual has been updated as well to reflect all the changes and the add-on is now tested on Blender 2.83 LTS

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