Snap! April 2022 release

The release of 2 April 2022 adds new functionality to snap based on matching tags and allows for an unlimited number of snap-points. (For an introduction to Snap! see this article).

Extra snap-points

Snap! is no longer limited to just four snap-points. In the new Extra point definitions panel you can now add as many points as you like.These extra points are in their own panel for backwards compatibility, but behave in the exact same way as the other points.

You can even filter and sort them based on their labels if you have many of them. 

Tag based snapping

Sometimes you don't want that each snap-point can snap to any snap-point on another object. You can now limit the possible connections by assigning tags and accept tags to a snap-point. If the match tags option is set, point will only snap if the have a tag that will match the accept tag of the other snap-point.

Snap 3d Cursor to snap-point

Sometimes it is helpful to be able to move the 3d-cursor to the exact location of a snap-point. There is now an operator/button provided for this.

Auto parenting

Normally when you snap an object to another object, it is moved into position and oriented, but nothing else. The objects are not connected in any way, so after the snap you can move them around freely.

With the new auto parenting option however, a point that is snapped in place is also parented to the target object, so will then move with the target after it is snapped in place.

Select neighbors

Is a small feature that allows you to select any objects that share an overlapping snap-point.

A playlist with (among other things) a video demonstrating the new features is available as well

Snap! is a time saving tool for people who often work with modular assets packs or creators of asset packs who want to make there product easier to use.

Snap! allows you to define snap-points with a predefined location and orientation on objects which can then be used to interactively snap objects together without the hassle of precise positioning.

Snap! is available in a personal and a redistributable version on my BlenderMarket shop.

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