Floor board add-on (a.k.a. planks) updated for Blender 4.1

It is always good to hear that people are using an add-on, and this time I got a request to update my floor board generator for Blender 4.1.

Blender changes all the time and this time 4.1 even broke the old version of the add-on. Fortunately it was pretty easy to fix, so I am happy to announce that a new version is available on GitHub. [click download in the upper left corner]

If you want to know more about what the add-on can do, check this older article on my blog.

This version also incorporates a few small tweaks:

  • the bevel modifier now uses percentage as the default. This gives more consistent behavior across different patterns,
  • the bevel modifier now also has the harden normals option checked, which gets rid of quite a few shading artifacts,
and a new pattern: Chevron

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