A new tree addon, Part III: development continues

The latest version (0.2.10) adds a particle system with acorns to the library (not because it is briliantly modelled but to show an example usage) and adds a shadow density option if you use a shadow group (because no shadow is absolute). I also added an option to change the size of the faces of the emitter mesh. That way leaves and other objects can be made to sit closer to the branches.

Version (0.2.9) of the spacetree addon features cleaner code, the posibility to add two particle systems and an update to the bundled library: it now features a particle system of chestnut leaves as well as an additional bark material. I have also reordered the options in the UI to a somewhat more logical groouping and I am working on an update to the user manual (old version is still available, concepts discussed there are still valid)

Sample image of a tree with the chestnut leaf particle system. The crown was shaped with a crown group consisting of just a couple of icospheres.


Future work

Several suggestions have been done to improve the addon (and a few items from the roadmap are still open) but these are the most interesting ones in my opinion, although I am the first to admit that most serve more an academical interest than an artistical one:

    Apical control
    The suppression of side shoots lower down the branch by the growing tip. Is in place but functions unsatisfactorily. Should give straighter branches.
    Branch angle control
    The angle of a side branch is usually more or less fixed for a given species of tree. Having this could add to the believability of the generated tree.
    Branch sheding
    Some trees (e.g. conifers) drop old branches that don't receive enough light, resulting in bare lower trunks.
    Shadow group density
    Currently the shadow group will receive no endpoint markers at all. This should be modulated by some density factor to emulate half shadow (done, see version 0.2.10)
    Tree roots
    Fairly easy to add I think as it is mainly a not so comples upside down tree (at least as an approximation :-). The trick is to match the diameter of the trunk to the top of the root system.
Of course, adding to the bundled library of particle systems and brak materials is very desirable as well, but hopefully the community has something to contribute here (some already have and I you have any good procedural bark material to constribute or maybe good leaf materials (procedural or alphamapped) please post the in the Blender Artist thread. The should be completely your own and have either a Public Domain, CC-0 or GPL license but of course I will credit you in the library notes)

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