A new tree addon, part V: bug fixes and user contributions

The latest version (0.2.11) fixes several bugs and adds a a very nice collection of fruit objects to the bundled library.

Vitamins are good for you

BlenderArtists member Piet not only contributed a new bark material that adds the impression of snow lying on the branches but also provided a collection of several fruits: Apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries as well as mistletoe and a birds nest. Thank you Piet! Now all we need is leaf materials to go with these fruits. I'll try to source some Creative Commons leaf textures but now that spring is getting underway (at least here in the Netherlands) I might create some of my own.

Bug fixes

This release also features some bug fixes: If you were using groups of objects to shape a crown and an object within this group wasn't a mesh object, the addon would throw an exception. Likewise, if you had an object selected before creating a tree, an exception was thrown if this object didn't have an edit mode (like the camera or an empty).


  • The bundled library is getting quite big, I am thinking about zipping it and uncompressing it on the fly.
  • The fruit objects (and the leaves as well) are not positioned perfectly (Most of the time they do not quite connect to a branch). I'll have to check if there origins are set correctly or if we need something else (fruit tree for example grow their fruits generally on small protrusion called spurs)
  • It might be sensible to add more than one object group from the library (for example acorns and mistletoe)


The space tree addon itself is introduced in a few articles on this blog and is available on GitHub. Relevant links are listed below:

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