Upgrading Blender add-ons from 2.79 to 2.80, part 3

While porting my add-ons from Blender 2.79 to 2.80 I encounter all sorts of compatibility issues that I report on from time to time in this blog. Some of those of issues are minor but others go deeper and might take quite some effort to fix.

In previous articles I listed a fair number of issues (1, 2) but the good news is that the number of new issues that pop up is diminishing. Last week's batch is rather small:

  • context.user_preferences becomes context.preferences. That is fairly easy to fix but unfortunately this could break stored preferences as well since they might contain references to this attribute in the set itself (A stored preference or preset is executable Python code that basically sets all sorts of variables)

  • BVHTree.fromobject and related functionality was broken but is now fixed. Thanks to very rapid follow up by Blender dev Bastien Montagne! Note that even though the bug is fixed, the signature of this function (and related ones) has changed: It no longer takes a Scene argument but a Depsgraph argument.

  • context.area.header_text_set(None) must be used instead of context.area.header_text_set("") to restore the default menu. This is not a big thing but if you forget you get an empty taskbar.

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