Snap! New features

The release of 30 September 2021 adds new functionality to creating snap-points as well as using snap-points. (For an introduction to Snap! see this article).

Easy snap-points for Bezier curve and Lattice objects

You can now position snap-points on selected vertices in Bezier curves and Lattice objects in the same way you can do this for Mesh objects. You could already define snap-points on any object but this makes it way easier to position snap-points accurately. In Bezier curves you can also use the positions of the handles, not just the control points themselves. Curves that are not Bezier curves are currently not supported (although you can position snap-point manually just like with any object).

Dup & Snap and Link & Snap

New operators have been added that copy and object before starting interactive snapping. You can choose to create a full or a linked duplicate and these operators are available in the Snap! Pie menu as well. If you add these operator to your quick menu (or add the Snap! Pie menu) you speed up your workflow in the common scenario where you have appended an asset collection and want to snap multiple copies of those assets.

Copy snap-points to selected objects

The new Copy snap points operator will copy the Snap! configuration of the active object to any other selected object. This is convenient for example if you want to create multiple variants of an asset with the same snap-points.

New preference override label color

Colorful labels for snap-points can enhance the aesthetics of an asset collection with snap-points, but the colors might clash with the theme chosen by the end-user, making it perhaps difficult to read. Therefore the end-user can now override those colors in the preferences  because I consider colors (as well as font-size etc.) an accessibility issue that should be under the control of the end-user.

Snap! is a time saving tool for people who often work with modular assets packs or creators of asset packs who want to make there product easier to use.

Snap! allows you to define snap-points with a predefined location and orientation on objects which can then be used to interactively snap objects together without the hassle of precise positioning.

Snap! is available in a personal and a redistributable version on my BlenderMarket shop.

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